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KCEC - Kids Centre

KCEC is for the kids and youngsters of tomorrow, by the youth and elders of the present. Though we welcome everyone, irrespective of social status, gender, age, caste, creed, religion with the same love, KCEC has special love for the children and youngsters of Kovai.

The core idea behind this whole initiative of KCEC is - for it to be an atmosphere where the flowers of tomorrow can come, learn, ask questions, clarify, debate, understand and ultimately, realize the greatness of our glorious Indian culture, and go out as knowledgeable ambassadors of such a culture in whichever part of the world they happen to be.

This is what we desire, yearn and pray for.

To fulfil this lofty goal, it's important to begin at the grassroots level. In fact, the set up offers many facilities which focus on specific aspects of a healthy child growth like Parenting, Value-based Education, etc.

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