Music has been a very important language of love which transcends all barriers. In fact, the scriptures prescribe devotional music as the best cure for the troubled mind in this day and age. With music being intertwined with the cultural fabric of our country, the Music CoE with its unique features aims to train, hone and bring out excellence in music amongst its students.

Unique features of Music CoE

  • Dedicated facilities and faculties for training interested students in the art of music and musical instruments
  • Both singing and instruments would be taught.
  • Exposure to pan-India musical genres
  • Access to high quality musical instruments(predominantely classical)
  • Opportunities for performances in many of the functions of KCEC and other events

And many more...

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  • We will be happy to provide any additional information Please Contact:
  • 90422 16108, 87548 46108
  • [email protected]

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